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​For more than ten years Andreas has been lecturing at some of the most respected universities and business schools in programs of bachelors, masters, and executive masters. Andreas attracts curiosity-driven students who want make a difference. He provides them with experience, compassion and expertise and knows how to develop an innovative lecturing environment focusing on real-world problem solving.

Chairs, program owners and professors leverage Andreas’ passion and expertise of organizational behavior and digital transformation. Today’s merging research disciplines require practitioners who get these modelled and applied to trigger tomorrow’s leaders. Andreas´ interdisciplinary academic background and his cross-cultural/-functional business expertise enables him to connect to his audience in order to put things into action.

Andreas' theoretical background in the field of organizational behavior and leadership is intertwined with his business experience. Being aware and taking action is required in today's vortex of merging interdisciplinary research fields. Holding a MBA and PhD at the crossroad to digitalization and organizational behavior enables him to foresee newest trends:


Leading Digital Natives in Times of Disruption


Digital Leadership & Business Transformation


Innovation, Entrepreneurship & HRM


What professors have to say about Andreas

I can highly recommend Andreas as a strong digital leader, with a rare and deep knowledge of the technology and business aspects of digital disruption.

Prof. Dr. Michael Wade
Professor & Cisco Chair

in Digital Business Transformation
IMD, Switzerland

Andreas has experience over the whole lifecycle in providing Cloud Solutions; from sales and offer management over implementation up to the delivery. He is used to work in and lead international teams. Furthermore, Andreas appreciates to share and extend his knowledge which he showed as lecturer in the MBA course Sales&Service at Furtwangen University.

Prof. Dr. Harald Kopp
Professor & TSIA Chair
Furtwangen University (HFU), Germany

Andreas is a great connector and was able to contribute to a new initiative of Maastricht University by his engagement. I met him during a conference where he presented a strong HR case in IT. We then were able to share views and built -in no-time- a common understanding of our new campus idea.

Prof. Dr. Jos Lemmink
Professor & BISS Chair
Maastricht University, Netherlands

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